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4 Ways To Keep Your Rental Cool This Summer

When the outside feels like 100 degrees, you do not want your rental feeling the same way. Besides having air conditioning, what are ways to keep your rental cool? Below we have a few ideas for you!

Close all drapes, blinds, etc.:

Keep the cold air in and hot air out. The use of window treatments or blinds are an extremely cost-efficient way to block out unwanted heat. Our suggestion, keep your blinds closed during the sunny day time hours.


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Change the direction of your ceiling fan:

Did you know changing the direction of your ceiling fan can keep your room cooler? suggests “During warmer months, you should run your fan in a “forward” (counter-clockwise) direction so that it fans the air, making you feel cool. When it gets cold outside, switch the fan to the “reverse” setting so that it runs in a clockwise direction.”

Open your doors:

Opening your doors from room to room can encourage air flow throughout your home. Make sure to keep doors leading to outside areas or un-air-conditioned rooms closed and tightly sealed.

Turn off and unplug not used electronics:

Not only can turning off electronics and lights can save you money, but it can also keep your rental cooler. Most electronics whether in use or not produce heat. Depending on how many electronics or lights you consistently have on in your home, the heat can add up.

Posted by: npropertygroup on July 29, 2016
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