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5 Best Ways to Get Around Philadelphia

To know the best ways to travel around Philadelphia can be challenging especially if you are not originally from the city. Because the city is rapidly growing, traffic is a constant strain on the city’s infrastructure. We have a few helpful tips for those who are new to traveling around a city.

  • Take the Train

Septa railways and subways are a great way to travel around the city during the critical rush hour times. If you are unsure which line to take, Google maps can help! If you search on Google Maps for your destination and click on the train icon, it will show where to walk and which connections to take to get your destination.

  • Enterprise CarShare

If you currently do not have a vehicle, Enterprise CarShare may be a good option. You sign up for a plan and pay according to the rates. The company not only pays for liabilities, roadside assistance but also for gas.

  • Lyft and Uber

Lyft and Uber are two similar businesses to a local taxi company. Except, everything from the destination, directions, and payments are all handled through their appropriate apps. Most of the time, their rates are lower, and it is extremely convenient.

  • Rent-a-Bike or Indego

The fastest way to travel around the city may be through bike riding. Philadelphia and its surrounding areas have launched their bike sharing program called Indigo. According to “cyclists can walk up to any Indego station and check out bikes for quick trips around the city 24 hours a day, seven days a week.” You pay $8 per hour, and they have two plans for your choosing if you are going to use the bikes consistently. Philadelphia has many dedicated bike lanes in the city.

  • Temple University Shuttle Systems

Temple University Students can use their school’s shuttle system. According to their website, “Shuttles transport students from Main Campus to their off-campus residences and vice versa (Flight) and among Main Campus, the Health Sciences Center (HSC), the Temple Administrative Services Building (TASB), Ambler Campus, and the Ambler train station”. This is a great way for students to travel around campus and beyond for free!

Posted by: npropertygroup on June 2, 2016
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