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Top 5 Affordable Security Solutions

Portable Safe

Portable safes are a great way to secure your valuables in your apartment.  Unlike traditional steel safes, they are portable an easy to move.   Some models have a locking cable that allows you to secure the safe to bed, or wall, etc.  Here is an example:

Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is a very cost effect way to defend yourself while walking around the city at night, or even at home.  It can be very effective when used properly.pepper spray


Motion Sensing Camera

Although this is the most expensive option on the list, there are several options on the market for less than 50.00.  A Motion sensing Wi-Fi camera will send you an email, if a motion is detected in your apartment, or room.  You might just catch your roommate borrowing your favorite shirt!   camera

Laptop Lock

For most students, their laptop is the most expensive and prized possession.   You may also have the final draft of your thesis that you have been working on all semester.  Many people don’t realize that the majority of laptops have a built in slot for a lock like this one.  For 12.00, this is a great piece of mind.laptop safe


Temporary Wireless Security System

This security system runs on batteries and can be installed in minutes by nearly anyone.   This will act like traditional house alarm system at a cost of only $20.00.  You enter a code when you arrive at home, which disarms the alarm.  Anyone who can’t enter the code will be greeted with a loud siren.  As an added benefit, some alarm systems will give you a sticker to place on your door advertising that your apartment is protected by an alarm.  These are also a great deterrent and can be bought separately for a few dollars. alarm

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Posted by: npropertygroup on May 18, 2016
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