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5 Ways To Brighten Up Your Living Space On A Gloomy Day

  • Buy a new light bulb or fixture


A new light bulb or a brighter light fixture can do wonders when wanting to brighten up a darker room. Lamps can also add to the functionality of a room just like this lamp from Target. If you start to notice a change in the lighting of your room, try a new lightbulb. Older light bulbs may become dull when they are close to burning out.

  • Choose décor with bright colors


Bright colored accent pillows or throw blanket can not only add comfort to a room, but also a lighter environment.

  • Use white or light colored furniture


If you have dark flooring and dark walls, adding white or lighter colored furniture can brighten up the living space.

  • Add mirrors


Mirrors help reflect light throughout rooms. It can also add a decorative touch to a living space without you having a flashback to the 70’s with floor to ceiling mirrors throughout an entire house.

  • Add flowers or plants


Adding potted plants or flowers can be a great way to bring nature indoors. This is also an inexpensive way to add color and life into your living space. Cactus and succulents do not involve much maintaining and you only have to water most of them once a week!


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Posted by: npropertygroup on May 3, 2016
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